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COVID-19 and Tazza: What we're doing to protect and serve our customers

On behalf of everyone here at Tazza, we sincerely hope this post finds you in good health and happy spirits. We wanted to update anyone who's curious on what we are doing to continue to serve the community in a safe and responsible way. We have implemented a strict schedule to sanitize and disinfect all countertops, machines, tables, doors, or anything that is or potentially could be touched by either employees or customers. We have instructed staff to stay at home if they don't feel well, and ask that our customers stay home and take care of themselves if they aren't feeling well. We have also, for the time being, stopped preparing drinks in reusable personal cups for an added level of security.

On top of these, Tazza has begun a 'curbside pick-up' service; just call us at 720-524-3460 to place your order and pay over the phone, and when you pull up to our location we'll have the drink brought right to your car window. We can also leave the prepared order in a safe place near our entry way if that would make you more comfortable. Don't forget- Tazza is also available via GrubHub, Ubereats and DoorDash. You can order and pay through the app, we can have the order ready for your delivery driver and they can deliver it to you in a safe and healthy way.

We know these times are difficult- We are doing everything in our ability to make sure you can still get all of your favorite delicious drinks, local pastries and fresh homemade sandwiches. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know! Email us at, call or text 303-358-5242 to speak with our manager or message us on Instagram or Facebook.

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